Football Manager 2010 – How to Score a Lot of Goals Through Corner Kicks


A lot of people consider Football Manager 2010 to be a difficult game, and it can be a daunting endeavor to learn all the ins and outs of the vast tactical system. Learning how to score a lot of goals through corner kicks can provide that extra boost you need to win games while tweaking your tactics to perfection.

So, how do you do it?

1. Set the starting player with the highest corner taking-ability as the one taking your corner. In my experience, it doesn’t matter that much if he’s a right or left foot, this should work anyway. Should you, however, find that it doesn’t, then simply adjust it to having a left-footed player taking the left side corners, and vice versa.

2. Go to “Advanced”, and select the option that makes the corner taker aim the corner kicks at the edge of the penalty box.

3. Choose the player who is the best at long-range shots, and give him orders to wait outside the penalty box.

4. Give your strongest (preferrably the tallest one, too) player orders to cover the goalkeeper.

5. Position the rest of the players based on your own mentality. If you want to keep it more conservative, you can keep three or four players back in your own defensive end. I usually put a couple of players inside the penalty box to wreak havoc and confuse the defenders. If you have too few offensive players, it may leave the computer with enough defenders available to rush out and cover your long-distance shots.

In my experience, this will lead to at least one goal per game, and it can lead to a lot more than that if you have a truly solid gunner.

Make sure the shooting player has high scores on all attributes which involve receiving the ball, and shooting from afar. Technique, ball control, and such attributes are all essential.

It is, of course, preferrable to have a player who is well-rounded and talented in all aspects of the game, to further increase your chances of success. With this corner tactic, I played with Manchester United and had Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who excels at all aspects of the game, gunning for me. The result? He scored 53 goals in 32 games, and set an all-time record for goal scoring in the Premier League. A few seasons earlier I tried the same with Swedish youngster Linus Hallenius in Swedish Premier League side Örebro SK, and his goalscoring record ended up at 45 goals in 26 games.

As you can see, it can be a real tactical advantage!

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