7 Top Retention Holsters for Law Enforcement

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Perhaps the most effective element worse than being shot withinside the line of obligation is being shot together along with your weapon. While each name does now no longer contain using a firearm, the responding officer brings at the least one into the mix. That carrier pistol can be the focal point of an assault ought to matter pass sideways.

While progressed weapon retention schooling has contributed to saving many officials’ lives, there’s little question that great retention holsters can assist preserve the obligation pistol out of an offender’s hands. Many obligation holster designs have come and gone. A few classics are nonetheless with us. Here is a have a take a observe a number of the modern obligation holsters that provide extended weapon protection.

Blackhawk Epoch

Designed especially for paintings with famous weapon lighting fixtures together with the Stream light TLR-1 and the Surefire X300, the Blackhawk Epoch holster has an inner locking function that hooks at the ejection port for an excessive diploma of clutch resistance. For extra protection, the duty holster makes use of a Pivot Guard that covers the return of the slide. When released, the Pivot Guard springs out of the manner and could now no longer by accident snap returned to save you reholstering of the firearm.

It is to be had with a basket-weave end similarly to straightforward and matte black finishes. The MSRPs for those holsters begin at $108.

Blackhawk SERPA

Another Blackhawk obligation holster, the SERPA Auto Lock mechanically locks a gun in and forestalls its elimination till the SERPA launch is activated. The holsters use a Pivot Guard to fasten the gun in at a 2nd point. Even with each of those functions engaged, an officer can draw the obligation gun quickly.

The well-known holster is to be had for the maximum of the generally carried obligation pistols. For departments issuing the Night-Ops Xiphias weapon light, there’s a SERPA holster so that it will accommodate that as well. Basketweave, simple and matte finishes are all to be had. The MSRPs for those holsters begin at $108.

Blade-Tech WRS Level three

Known for superb concealment and opposition holsters, Blade-Tech additionally gives top-notch obligation holsters. The WRS Level three gives an herbal draw that isn’t hampered via way of means of needlessly complicated protection devices. Using the company’s Tactical Modular Mount System, an officer can circulate the WRS holster from an obligation belt to a tactical vest or thigh rig without the want to cast off the pistol. The holsters also can be had in lots of colors aside from black to fit a tactical team’s uniforms. The MSRPs for those holsters begin at $125.

Dara Duty Holster

Using thick Kayden and Melonite-completed steel, the Duty Holster from Dara Holsters & Gear has been sponsored via way of means of a “lifetime no B.S. warranty.” These rigs use an inner rubber retention device blended with a rotating strap this is operated via way of means of the thumb for the duration of the draw. These holsters are to be had for a vast variety of firearms, and they’re customizable for obligation belt size, color, and light/laser attachments. The MSRP for those holsters is $72.

Gould & Goodrich K391

Gould & Goodrich has made obligation holsters for plenty of years, and the K391 is a triple-retention successor to the traditional models. It makes use of a rotating hood and an anti-blade tool to assist in steadying the gun from an offender’s clutch. The K391 is to be had for a few of the famous obligation pistols in use these days. The K391 has an advised retail charge of $166.

Safari land 070 SSIII

The Safari land 070 SSIII holster is probably the maximum a hit retention holster ever fielded via way of means of regulation enforcement. The holster is simply as exact these days because it turned into a long time ago. Designed via way of means of Bill Rogers, the 070 has been made via way of means of Safari land because the mid-1980s. Countless officials owe their lives—at the least in part—to this holster.

Unlike a few of the extra present-day retention holsters, the 070 is predicated on snaps and a selected movement to attract the gun. With practice, the 070 is as rapid as every other protection holster. The MSRP begins off evolved at $147. more

Safari land Model 6360

Using the company’s famous Automatic Locking System (ALS), the Model 6360 holster from Safari land is one of the maximum famous holsters in carriers these days. The rig makes use of a rotating hood to steady the weapon and a separate bodily barrier to discourage a suspect from snatching the gun from the holster. An extra tool referred to as the Sentry similarly secures the weapon withinside the holster. The MSRP begins off evolved at $147.